About Us

A fun, whimsical, warm, and nostalgic neighborhood candy store, founded in the USA over 20 years age where you can…


  • …the thick sweet irresistible smell of fresh caramel bubbling
  • …the classic chocolate and vanilla fudge mixing
  • …the milk, dark, and white chocolate as they melt to cover all of our FuzziTreats


  • …the sweetness of chocolate covered sea-salt caramels as they melt in your mouth
  • …the soft & sweet saltwater taffy as you bite into every flavor
  • …the crunch of a chocolate-covered pretzel for the perfect and addictive combination of sweet & salty


  • …the hundreds of candies packed in every nook and cranny
  • …the nostalgic and classic candy to unleash your inner child
  • …the Pick ‘N’ Mix selection of candy to make your own “perfect” mix


  • …the fresh homemade melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles being dipped and decorated
  • …the large apples get covered in fresh caramel & transformed into crazy-apples like Apple Pie, Rocky Road, and other fan-favorites
  • …the slabs of classic freshly-made fudge get decorated and prepared for your indulgence